Suffering In Silence

Here’s to the people who suffer daily,

The ones whose pain is never failing.

The ones who cry themselves to sleep,
Yet appear to have smiles running deep.
The ones who fight for the day that life will no longer be a fight,
Despite knowing that they will never see that light.
They are the ones that are strong,
They are the ones that consistently hold on.
These are the people that refuse to appear weak,
Even when their future is bleak.
They might die tomorrow,
Their lives may cause great sorrow.
Yet, they keep living
Honestly do they have another option?
It comes down to life and death, light and dark, joy and sorrow,
I am one of these people: the people that fear tomorrow.
We suffer the silence,
We experience some unfortunate violence.
Our bodies abuse us, our minds confuse us, and people use us,
The truth is that we sometimes even lose us.
New diagnoses lead to less and less identity until..
But when seemingly all hope is lost,
You will find life’s true cost.
You will find you,
And that is the you that is true.
Leave behind your old self,
You’re about to become someone else.

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